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Research areas

Urban ecology

  • Biodiversity patterns of urban habitats (e.g., forest, grassland, wasteland, parks)
  • Drivers of urban biodiversity (e.g, land use, urban climate, urban matrix, dispersal)




Invasion Ecology

  • Impacts of nonnative species (neobiota) on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  • Dispersal of neobiota
  • Assessment and management of invasive neobiota

Nature conservation

  • Perspectives towards novel conservation issues (e.g, urban habitats, neobiota, links between nature conservation and cultural heritage preservation)
  • Risk assessment and indicators (neobiota, GMO, climate change)
  • Biodiversity management and conservation genetics (e.g., ecological restoration in cities, intervention ecology, ex situ conservation)

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

  • Quantification of ecosystem services (e.g., carbon sequestration in forests, water retention, particulate immobilisation of roadside vegetation)
  • Human perception of biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Enhancing ecosystem services in landscape design


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