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Cierjacks, Arne
Bridging scales in plant ecology: Land-use impacts on populations, species assemblages, and ecosystem functions.
Körner, Stefan
Landscape development as a cultural aspect.
Tischew, Sabine
Integration of spontaneous development processes into the renaturation of excavation areas.
Current PhD projects
Abendroth, Sascha
Plant biodiversity of parks and forests in the Bandund area (West Java, Indonesia) - an analysis and evaluation as a basis for sustainable plant design.
Hölting, Monique
Biodiversity dynamics and ecological cascading in logged tropical forest.
Köppler, Marc-Rajan
Aesthetical enhancement of vegetation development in suburban areas.
Kommraus, Florian
Experimental testing of measures to reestablish habitats of Jurinea cyanoides.
Lemke, Andreas
Secondary wind dispersal of plants along roads.
Palliwoda, Julia
Biocultural interactions in urban parks.
Pille, Lauranne
Biodiversität und Regenwasserbewirtschaftung in urbanen Räumen.
Planchuelo, Greg
Urbanization impacts on rare and endangered species.
Schulz, Katharina
Potential trade-offs between biodiversity conservation, carbon sequestration, and maintenance of crucial ecosystem services in agro-ecosystems at Itaparica Reservoir, Pernambuco, Brazil.
Weber, Frauke
Spontaneous roadside vegetation as a sink for traffic-related contaminants in urban areas.

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Completed PhD projects
Rieger, Isaak
Carbon dynamics in soils and vegetation of riparian forests.
Bartz, Robert
Assessment of environmental damages illustrated by the example of Neobiota.
Fischer, Leonie
Stadtwiesen: Biodiversitätsmuster und Renaturierungspotential.
Weichhardt-Kulessa, Katja
Actual and historical forest and mire vegetation of the spessart and Odenwald.
Heink, Ulrich
Theoretical foundations for the evaluation of ecological effects caused by genetically modified organisms.
Seitz, Birgit
Producing and certifying regional provenances of indigenous woody species: a tool to conserve biological diversity.
Westermann, Janneke
Mechanisms of plant establishment on disused railway areas.
Claus Bässler
Climate Change and Biodiversity in temperature montane forests - Patterns, Processes and Predictions.
Heinke Jäger
Invasion and control of the introduced quinine tree (Cinchona pubescens) in Galápagos: long-term impacts on the native vegetation of Santa Cruz Island.
Sonja Pobloth
Development of the landscape planning in Berlin from 1979 to 2004 in due consideration of urban ecology.
Sabogal, Ana
Investigations on the regeneration of grazed dry forests in the Northern Andes (Peru) in due consideration of Ipomoea carnea.
Säumel, Ina
Temperature effects on invasive tree species:Architecture, biomass allocation, plasticity and distribution patterns.Investigations on the regeneration of grazed dry forests in the Northern Andes (Peru) in due consideration of Ipomoea carnea.
von der Lippe, Moritz
Traffic as dispersal vector of plant species across urban-rural gradients.
Zisenis, Marcus
Guidelines for an inter-disciplinary evaluation of nature and landscape.
Il-ki Choi
Occurrence and disperal of plant species in the city of Cheon-ju (Southern Korea) with special regard to human impact.

Dose, Mark
Social and ecological open space qualities of suburban industrial areas. Analysis of the current state as well as planning and environmental instruments for the optimization of open space qualities.
Heger, Tina
Predicting biological invasions. Development and application of a model for the analysis of plant invasions.
Düll-Wunder, Barbara
Vegetation of the Eifel.
Lagies, Meike
Palynological investigations in the low mountain ranges Spessart and Odenwald for vegetational and historical settlement of the younger holocene.
Wächter, Monika
Urban nature: From object to be protected. A historical and systematical analysis of urban ecological research in Germany.
Richter, Matthias
Importance of urban structural patterns of the occurrence of plant species in due consideration of Paulownia tomentosa Steud. - using the example of Stuttgart.
Wolters, Steffen
Vegetational and historical investigations of the Döberitzer Heide.
The flora of the development areas of East Berlin.
Bangert, Ulrich
Nature conservation and agriculture-solution approach using the example of an oligotrophic heathland and water landscape.
Kim, Yeon Mee
Investigation of flora, vegetation and biotope type in the rural cultural landscape of Korea.
Maurer, Ute
Ecological and historical investigations of the flora and vegetation of the housing areas in the 1920s and 1930s in Berlin.

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